Noah Parker
Character Info
Age 12 (Original)
14 (Crossover)
15 (Ultimate)
19-20 (Futuristic Final Chapter)
Gender Male
Nationality Moose Jaw Heights, Sasketchwan, Canada
Alignment Good
Affiliations Galactic Guardians
Japanese VA Junko Takeuchi
Takashi Kawasugi (Original)
Romi Park (Reality Restart Redemption 3D)
Chie Nakamura (OVA 3/Genderswap)
Rie Kugimiya (ABXTD ZX 2014 Reboot)
English VA Laurie Elliott
Cathy Weseluck (MW Cross/Climax Blast/ABXTD ZX OVA)
Cory Doran (FFC)
Britt McKillip (OVA 3/Genderswap)
Dakota Goyo (RRR3D)
Maxey Whitehead (ABXTD ZX 2014 Reboot FUNi Dub)
Spanish VA Carlos Alberto Gutierrez (Edit)
Isabel Martinon (Uncut)
Pilar Ferrero (European)
Emilio Trevino (RRR 3D)
Portrayal Dakota Goyo (Climax Revolution)
Fumiki Yoshikawa (Climax Blast)
Noah Parker is a character of the Atomic Betty and the Atomic Betty X Total Drama series.

In Atomic BettyEdit

Noah Parkeris Betty's best friend. He's an honor-roll student who enjoys studying mathematics and writing, which makes him a target for Duncan and Penelope's bullying. Unlike Betty, he's not very athletic, and the only sport he seems to be any good at is baseball. However he is shown to be a skilled skateboarder as seen in various episodes. He also has a strong crush on Betty, though she seems mostly oblivious to it, and he is generally jealous of whatever boy she's with. At first, she supported his father in his attempts to expose aliens, but when he found out about Betty's secret, he tried to keep this secret from him. At first, Paloma and him had their differences because Betty paid more attention to Paloma than him and he was deeply jealous of Paloma. He is also jealous of Chaz because of Betty's crush on him and his mutual feelings for her. Noah was kept in the dark about Betty's dual role as a Galactic Guardian until the end of the second season finale Takes One to Know One, though on numerous occasions in the second season he was close to deducing Betty's dual role (having hacked into her communications frequency using a satellite radio). He discovers Betty's double penetration role following the defeat of the villain Pandora; Pandora and her father had been sealed in a box and key, the key having found its way to Earth and into Noah's hands. The key had also teleported Noah into Maximus' lair. In the next episode, The Chameleon disguise himself as Noah and Betty fell for it. During that time, Betty didn't even know that Noah is really the Chameleon and she thought Noah is dreaming and he'll forget the whole thing about him being in space. Unknown to Betty, this would come back to haunt her when the Galactic Guardian headquarters is destroyed and she wanted Noah's memory to erase, but the others remind Betty that she promised that Noah would be a Guradian and she can't go back on her word. She really wanted Noah's memory erased. As Betty attempts to rescue Noah, Noah inadvertently causes the destruction of the Galactic Guardian headquarters. Also noted that Betty and the Guardians have yet to know that Noah and Mininus are responible for the destruction. He is later rescued by Paloma, disguised as the Chameleon, and returns to Earth, where he manages to successfully convince Betty and Admiral DeGill to let him join the Galactic Guardians as a cadet.

Though inexperienced, he is very willing to go on missions even begging Betty on numerous occasions to let him accompany her and her crew on missions specifically assigned to her and repeatedly asking to fly the Starcruiser, and he has saved the day himself on one occasion has aided Betty on her adventures in others. He tries to keep this secret from his father. He gets careless and he has trouble keeping secrets from people. He's also brash and immature while being with the Galactic Guardians. In the various "Crash Test Noah!" ending sketches, he also acts as a human guinea pig for X-5 to test the various gadgets he invents. Although Noah is jealous of the relationship that Betty and Chaz have this may not mean that he dislikes Chaz in general. Noah was with Chaz on his way downtown in It Came From Hollywood and he in future Chaz were fighting side by side against the blood monks in The Future Is Now.

In the show's revival onward, Noah's "space cadet" alter-ego was being replaced with his standard Galactic Guardian alter-ego, named Atomic Noah.

In The Crossover SeriesEdit

In the series, he used to not believe what Betty said about the fan war until she told the fans in Episode 1. And seems that he is friends with Cody and Trent. In later episodes he was transferred from space cadet to Galactic Guardian.

Ultimate Atomic Betty X Total DramaEdit


Noah on Ultimate ABXTD

Noah appears in Ultimate ABXTD as he is moving on from Having a crush on Betty, but instead he has a crush on Sam, Chaz´s friend. In the cyberverse, He has an upgraded blaster from his upgraded galactic guardian suit.

Junichi Ikari (Slash Prime)Edit

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More information TBA

  • VA: Maile Flanagan
  • JPVA: Marina Inoue