The List of Episodes for the Crossover Animation Adaptation Series of the crossover videogame Takara Tomy X Namco Bandai - Atomic Pony X Total Transfordramers.

Part One: Arrival To EarthEdit

Arrival to Earth (地球に到着, Chikyū ni tōchaku) is the first episode of the 8-part dream crossover miniseries event.


After Cybertron was fallen, and the Autobots got located by the Decepticons in the Land of Equestria in the Takara Tomy/Hasbro Universe, it wreck havoc around Ponyville, Canterlot, Cloudsdale and the whole land, Optimus Prime and the Autobots join forces with Twilight Sparkle and the Ponies of Harmony to save Equestria once and for all but all of a sudden, Vector Sigma, with the power of Unicron, along with Sentinel Prime, the Autobots, Decepticons, The Ponies of Harmony, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Spike transported themselves to another universe know as the Namco Bandai/Teletoon Universe. Which, Betty, for which she is a My Little Pony fan, she was aware of the things arrived on Earth, and it was the ponies (and Spike). Which Betty, took the mane six and Spike to the Galactic Guardian Headquarters. Meanwhile in Ontario, The Transformers arrived on earth, and it was the autobots during a Movie Time (Watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon). Meanwhile, The Decepticons, The Equestria Princesses are in another place somewhere.

Part Two: The War Begins AgainEdit

The War Begins Again (戦争が再び始まる, Sensō ga futatabi hajimaru) is the second episode of the crossover series.


Since Betty and the Ponies were aware that The Autobots who are in the side of the ponies and Total Drama who are in Betty's side, and the Decepticons arrived to wreck havoc in the abandoned Studio Lot, Betty and her friends return to Ontario along with the ponies of harmony, for which Courtney remembered the days that she used to like My Little Pony since she was a kid; Leading up to a reconciliation between the 2 teams from the Takara Tomy/Hasbro Universe and the Namco Bandai/Teletoon Universe.

Part Three: To Equestria With You!Edit

To Equestria With You! (あなたとエクエストリアするには!, Anata to ekuesutoria suru ni wa!) is the third episode of the crossover miniseries. After a reunion between the robots, the ponies


After the Galactic Guardian Headquarters repaired the portal, The ponies must return to Ponyville, but suddenly, when Izzy entered the portal accidentally, the Transformers, the ponies and the gang goes to the land of Equestria as they entered and the gang has turned from humans into ponies. Meanwhile, The decepticons will have so many plans to end the autobots once and for all, bring the allspark and rule the world.

Episode Curiosity: Betty is a pegasi, and Courtney is a unicorn and Izzy is an earth pony just like the mane six, and so is the ABXTD Gang.

Part Four: Prime RetributionEdit

Prime Retribution (プライム報復, Puraimu hōfuku) Is the fourth episode of the miniseries.

Part Five: Search for The Matrix of LeadershipEdit

Search for The Matrix of Leadership (リーダーシップのマトリックスを検索, Rīdāshippu no matorikkusu o kensaku) is the fifth episode of the miniseries.

Part Six: Battle for Equestria and EarthEdit

Battle for Equestria and Earth (エクエストリアと地球のための戦い, Ekuesutoria to chikyū no tame no tatakai) is the sixth episode of the miniseries.

Part Seven: Harmony and Leadership, United as One!Edit

Harmony and Leadership, United as One! (一つとして調和とリーダーシップ、ユナイテッド!, Hitotsu to shite chōwa to rīdāshippu, Yunaiteddo!) is the seventh episode of the miniseries.

Part Eight: Farewell, Our Little Ponies and Our Biggest TransformersEdit

Farewell, Our Little Ponies and Our Biggest Transformers (さようなら、私たちのリトルポニーと私たちの最大のトランスフォーマー, Sayōnara, watashitachi no ritoruponī to watashitachi no saidai no toransufōmā) is the eighth and final episode of the miniseries.

OVA: Regulation T.F.L.P.Edit

Regulation T.F.L.P. is a 90-minute OVA Special of the animated series based on the crossover videogame of the crossover series. It will contain Sari from Transformers Animated as she returns to the Autobots. Also including Nemesis AS, a fan character from Atomic Betty II by Julayla and Ryoshi, a Transformers OC, by the story creator for ABXTD as he created Transformers: Unicron Chronicles, coming to life in this OVA.