A Rule 63 Transformation is a special of ABXTD involving the whole universe switching genders. Which it's a problem for Betty, now Benny and her/his friends. It will involve a possible cast if there was a bizarre genderbended episode of either Total Drama or Atomic Betty.

A Rule 63 Transformation
Season X, Episode Three
Air date Summer 2012
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
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Voice CastEdit

Characters Original Counterpart Japanese Seiyuu English Voice Cast
Benny Barrett Betty Barrett Tetsuya Kakihara Samuel Vincent



Megumi Toyoguchi Cree Summer
FX-5 X-5 Romi Park Laura Drummond
Admiral DeJill Admiral DeGill Masako Katsuki Cathy Weseluck
Noe Parker Noah Parker Chie Nakamura Britt McKillip
Pennel Lang Penelope Lang Akira Ishida Cory Doran
Charliena Lang Chaz Lang Fumiko Orikasa Emilie-Claire Barlow
Reginald Peterson Regeena Peterson Mitsuo Iwata Cle Bennett
Atomic Rochette Atomic Roger Nozomi Furuki Saffron Henderson
Christina McLean Chris McLean Marina Inoue Tabitha St. Germain
Cook Hatchette Chef Hatchet Wakako Matsumoto Novie Edwards
Diana Duncan Rica Matsumoto Ashleigh Ball
Curt Courtney Yuichi Nakamura Robert Tinkler
Glenn Gwen Mamoru Miyano Brad Swaile
Trina Trent Nana Mizuki Tara Strong
Heath Heather Jun Fukuyama Richard Ian Cox
Alejandra Alejandro Ayana Taketatsu Kelly Sheridan
Ezzo Izzy Kappei Yamaguchi Robert Tinkler
Gina Geoff Aya Hirano Andrea Libman
Bradley Bridgette Soichiro Hoshi Lyon Smith

NOTE: The original voices will return for their non-genderbended character voices.

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