Atomic Betty X Total Drama: The Movie - Retelling The Story in Anime
English Dub Title
Film information

Directed by

Hiroyuki Imaishi
Kenji Kamiyama

Written by

Aaron Montalvo
Yasuko Kobayashi


Bandai Visual
Namco Pictures
Production I.G.
Sanzingen CGI-Animation Studios
Canada-Japan Productions
Fresh TV
Atomic Cartoons

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Pictures
Aniplex of America
Breakthrough Films
Namco Bandai Studios Inc.
Shochiku (Japan)

Release Date(s)

Part One:
October 13, 2012 (JP)
October 29, 2012 (NA)

Part Two:
November 9, 2012 (JP)
November 10, 2012 (NA)





Atomic Betty X Total Drama: Retelling The Story in Anime - The Movie (劇場版アトミックベティ クロス トータル ドラマアニメでストーリーを改作 Gekijoban Atomikku Betti Kurosu Totaru Dorama Anime de sutōrī o kaisaku) is an animated movie based on the crossover series and both Series, Atomic Betty and Total Drama, which re-tells the story in an anime-ish way, like they did with The Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knight, The movie is animated by Production I.G and Trigger with CGI elements by Sanzingen CGI Animation Studios and directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt) and Kenji Kamiyama (009 Re:Cyborg) with art/character design by Atsushi Nishigori. Part One releases in October 13 in Japan, October 26 in North America and November internationally, while Part 2 releases in November 3 in Japan, the 9th in North America and December internationally. The movie is distributed by Bandai Visual, Warner Bros., Shochiku and Aniplex, in association with Teletoon and Canada Japan productions.


Part OneEdit

After Betty lived in secret fear and pure rage about Total Drama World Tour's Ending. She must do something to end the fan war to save Courtney's future once and for all, but ended up in confessions for Gwen and Courtney. and she had all the time on the summer to enjoy with her friends, hanging out with the whole first generation cast, which it ticked off Chris, Chef, Blaineley, Josh, Heather and Alejandro. But things turned into the worse when Maximus saw the news of Betty ending the fan war on Earth. But he decides to invade it and destroy it. (Same story as the original series)

Part TwoEdit

After the events of the first movie, They have some fun things to do over the final days of summer, until when drama happens when anything goes insane to anybody for Betty and the others since they have convinced the fan war has not ended yet in the whole world who airs Total Drama on any international channel. Also they are having so much fun during the final days of summer by hanging out, and getting back to Moose Jaw Heights due to a Cast reunion now in Saskatchewan. But Maximus returns in a maximum cyborg form to invade earth once and for all. (Same story as the second series)


Characters Seiyuu Cast English Voice Cast
Betty Barrett/Atomic Betty Yoko Honna Tajja Isen
Sparky Hiroyuki Yoshino Rick Miller
X-5 Toshiyuki Morikawa Bruce Hunter
Admiral DeGill Tetsu Inada Adrian Truss
Atomic Roger Kazuhiko Inoue Robert Tinkler
Maximus IQ Hiroshi Iwasaki Colin Fox
Minimus PU Kunihiro Kawamoto Billy West
Noah Parker Junko Takeuchi Laurie Elliott
Chaz Lang Soichiro Hoshi Scott McCord
Penelope Lang Megumi Hazeyama Ashleigh Ball
Sam Aya Hisakawa Cathy Weseluck
Beatrixo Romi Park Jayne Eastwood
Jimmy Wataru Takagi William Shatner
Duncan Paine Junichi Kanemaru Peter Oldring
Sarah Mariya Ise Stephanie Morgenstern
Megan Ikue Otani Catherine Disher
Betty's Mom Touko Aoyama Kristina Nicoll
Betty's Dad Hochu Otsuka Patrick McKenna
Chris McLean Keiji Fujiwara Christian Potenza
Chef Hatchett Kenta Miyake Cle Bennett
Duncan Noriaki Sugiyama Drew Nelson
Courtney Yui Horie Emilie Claire-Barlow
Gwen Saeko Chiba Megan Fahlenbock
Trent Koki Uchiyama Brad Swaile
Heather Junko Minagawa Rachel Wilson
Alejandro Yuji Ueda Marco Grazzini
Owen Toshihiko Seki Scott McCord
Izzy Chiwa Saito Katie Crown
Geoff Tetsuya Kakihara Dan Petronijevic
DJ Kenji Nomura Cle Bennett
Bridgette Aya Hirano Kristin Fairlie
Justin Daisuke Kishio Adam Reid
Cody Miyu Irino Peter Oldring
Noah Shotaro Morikubo Hayden Carter
Sierra Ami Koshimizu Annick Obonsawin
Katie & Sadie Ai Nonaka & Kana Asumi Stephanie Mills & Lauren Lipson
Lindsay Satomi Akesaka Shannon Chan-Kent
Tyler, Ezekiel Tomokazu Seki Peter Oldring
Beth Rie Kugimiya Sarah Gadon
Eva Arisa Ogasawara Julia Chantrey
Harold Kenichi Suzumura Brian Froud
LeShawna Yu Kobayashi Novie Edwards
DJ's Mom Kujira Cle Bennett
Blaineley Miina Tominaga Carla Collins
Josh Jun Fukuyama Dwayne Hill

Release DateEdit

  • NA: October 26, 2012 [Part One], November 9, 2012 [Part Two]
  • JP: October 13, 2012 [Part One], November 3, 2012 [Part Two]
  • INT: November 2012 [Part One], December 2012 [Part Two]

Sequel/Ultimate FilmEdit

A Sequel involving the Ultimate Atomic Betty X Total Drama series has been announced in Anime Expo 2012 and New York Comic Con 2012 for a late 2013/early 2014 release in Digital 3D. The title will be "Ultimate Anime Retelling: Atomic Betty X Total Drama (3D)". It will do a re-telling of the miniseries in the same anime style as the first 2-part movie by the same directors and animation production.


  • This is a re-telling of the 2 series, in Japanese animation, separated in 2 parts, like "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"
  • The same English cast will voice the characters, as well as the Japanese cast.
  • The animation production will be either equal or different from both FLCL, Ghost in the Shell and Gurren Lagann.
  • The release dates are unlike any 2-part movie, but like the "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" movie kind.
  • Atsushi Nishigori does the character design to look like Panty and Stocking and Gurren Lagann combined.

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